Karum Tekstil is gives services in its Etiler store since 1996 with its product range, which is created by the founding partners Mete Aysal and Interior Architect Selin Güzide Özer, and its sales substructure. With many years of product range and services that aim to be perfect before and after the service, it has completed many beautiful and big projects with many architects around the world and in our country.

Karum Tekstil highlighted its brand in our country and is one of the leading companies in its own market with its beautiful and different works.

I finished university in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts. Since my student years, textile design and the colorful world of textile was my interest in all of my projects.

My partner and beloved friend, Mete Aysal, offer me a chance to create this opportunity and the colorful world (in my own words KARUM WORLD), since 1996, we are doing our job with excitement on the first day and creativity, the experience that we gained over the years, enthusiasm and respect. While I choose the products that are available at Karum, I am currently carrying out catalog and stock selection of important companies in Turkey and abroad.

Have a pleasant and colorful day.
Selin Özer

For many years, I continued to work at the Ministry of Finance Audit Services and similar places with the education I got from the Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences.

In the following years, I worked as a coordinator in Vakko and Beymen for many years because I crossed retailing sector’s path. At the point we arrived, we blended the world of Karum, which I foresaw with my dear daughter Selin, with Selin's design and fabric knowledge. I think I reflect just a few of the important principles in my life, courtesy, honesty and empathy, and the principles of the perfect business delivery to all Karum Tekstil employees and my circle.

With love and respect
Mete Aysal